What We Do

Our spray dried product offering satisfies globals, multi nationals and smaller companies wanting to carve niche markets and still meet food safety standards.

Tailored solutions with exclusivity is at the forefront of our relationship building and receives the maximum attention.

Food & Beverage

The Sunspray range of spray dried ingredients is used in various sectors:

  • Meat sector
  • Baking – breads and cakes
  • Snacks – Sweet and savoury
  • Seasonings – snacks
  • Beverages – alcoholic and non alcoholic
  • Confectionery
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Biscuits – sweet and savoury
  • Energy shakes/ energy bars
  • Sauces
  • Condiments including stock cubes and soups
  • Hospitality, hotel and catering sectors

Non food eg water treatment and enzyme spray drying and animal nutrition products are increasingly a part of the sectors we service. Feed grade egg powders customised for pet food manufacturing are produced locally. Sunspray Food Ingredient solutions and the flexible business models cover customised offerings, exclusive solutions, all utilising the superior technology of spray drying.

In addition, we proudly represent DDWilliamson for all liquid caramel colour and caramel colour powder products as well as a clean label burnt sugar range in liquid and powder form.

The Sunspray range of spray dried powders includes:
  • Meat powders
  • Fruit powders
  • Vegetable powders
  • Savoury powders
  • Fat powder and non-allergenic creamers
  • Creamers and milk substitutes
  • Egg powders – albumen, whole egg and yolk
  • Citrus oil concentrate powders
  • Caramel colour powder and customised caramel powder solutions
  • Cheese powders including enzyme modified cheese
  • Yoghurt based powders

All Sunspray food ingredients are Halaal certified and Kosher certification is available on request.

Honey powder, vinegar powder, soya and molasses powder, worcestershire sauce powder all add some interesting options in product development.

Customised liquid egg solutions for bakers and sauce manufacturers – we ensure your product functionality is maximised and the waste factor reduced.

Frozen Scrambled egg for catering purposes is a food safe option too. Microbiologically safe ingredients are guaranteed.

The association with DDWilliamson over many years has complemented the Sunspray range of food ingredients and facilitated the distribution and manufacturing of DDW caramel colour and burnt sugar products which are key to food ingredients and animal feed. These categories continue to expand as clean label options are sought by consumers.

Spray Drying Technology

Customised solutions supporting your product development

Spray Drying Technology Delivering Functional Ingredients

As leaders in spray drying technology, we provide unique solutions and superior functionality.

Sunspray has grown over the years and we have remained focused on flexibility, satisfying customer needs and delivering exceptional customer service.

Creativity and Innovation are at the forefront of customised solutions

Our food ingredients find application in many food products.

Diversified ingredients are constantly being enhanced to make our customers product development simple and functional.

We aim to deliver locally produced spray dried ingredients and remove uncertainties in our customers’ supply chain.

The Sunspray Range

that service the following sectors
Meat sector
Snacks – sweet & savoury
Condiments including
stock cubes & soups

The Sunspray Range

that service the following sectors
Breakfast cereals
Biscuits – sweet & savoury
Energy shakes / Energy bars

The Sunspray Range

that service the following sectors
Beverages – alcoholic & non alcoholic
Seasonings for snacks
Pet food


Our spray dried ingredients deliver a superior shelf life.