All Sunspray Milk Blends are manufactured blends of dairy solids, glucose and vegetable oils. Most blends have added Vitamins, Calcium and Phosphorus for enriched nutritional benefit.

The use of these products varies from fresh milk replacers, to adding creaminess in soups, sauces, biscuits and cake mixes.

All powders are free flowing, and are white to off white in colour.

Country Pasture Blend is a dairy blend that noticeably improves the flavour of coffee. It can also be used in many foodstuffs in place of fresh milk or full cream milk powder and delivers the same nutritional profile.

Supreme Blend is specific for use in fruit/dairy type drinks where stability of product is required as it is a well emulsified spray dried powder which provides good emulsification for other ingredients in the beverage, to deliver an excellent full mouth feel.

Additional products in this category include:

Mil- Q – Mix, Superior Blend and Lower Fat Supreme Blend

Lower Fat Supreme Blend is used very effectively to replace skim milk powder in certain applications such as dairy fruit mixes.

Full Cream Milk Powder Substitute (LP) is a cost effective product designed to use in place of full cream milk where certain ingredients are not considered essential- this is a low protein product.

Milk Blends

Code Product Pack Size
MF01 Supreme Blend 25kg
0125 Country Pasture Blend 25kg
MF10 Mil-Q-Mix 25kg
MF11 Superior Blend 25kg
MF02 Lower Fat Supreme Blend 25kg

Milk Substitutes

Code Product Pack Size
IM0001 Cream Powder 25kg
IM0004 FCMP Substitute LP 25kg

Cream Powder is used to replace the functionality of fresh cream in creamed spinach and baking applications.