Ovipro, now officially known as Sunspray Food Ingredients Bronkhorstspruit, processes fresh hen eggs into various pasteurized liquid and powdered egg products, as well as spray drying of food ingredients for the food industry and flavor houses.

As part of Sunspray Food Ingredients, since it was acquired in 2005, the division now has access to spray-drying expertise and quality-control know-how.

Ovipro dates back only to 1992, when it was established by the Egg Board as a state-of-the-art facility. In 1993 the Egg Board closed down, and the Bronkhorstspruit facility was purchased by a consortium of egg producers. Highveld Egg Cooperative bought out most of the consortium in 2001.

Now, as part of Sunspray Food Ingredients, this facility enjoys access to a nation-wide sales and marketing function and closer contact with customers and potential customers.

Liquid Egg Products

Code Product Pack Size
FROWEPC21 Pasteurised Whole Egg Liquid 20kg
FROWEPF20 Pasteurised Frozen Whole Egg Liquid 20kg
FROWES20 Whole Egg Salted 10% 20kg
FROSEM01 Scramble Egg Mix 10 x 1kg
FROSEM0500 Scramble Egg Mix 20 x 500g

Powdered Egg Products

Code Product Pack Size
WEPWEW0125 Whole Egg Powder 25kg
WEPWEW01500 Whole Egg Powder 500g
YLKPW25 Yolk Powder 25kg
YLKPW25FF Yolk Powder Free Flowing 25kg
ALBPWWCA25 Albumen Candy * 25kg
ALBPWWCF25 Albumen Confectioners * 25kg
ALBPWWNW25 Albumen Non-Whip * 25kg
ALBPWWCA01 Albumen Candy * 1kg
ALBPWWCF01 Albumen Confectioners * 1kg
WEPWEW0225 Whole Egg Powder 2nd Grade 25kg
WEPWESA0225 Whole Egg Powder Salted 2nd Grade 25kg
WEPSEM01 Scrambled Egg Powder 20 x 1kg