Assuring Quality & Food Safety

Sunspray Food Ingredients (Pty) Ltd is committed to food safety and product quality. This commitment is evident through the implementation and maintenance of FSSC 22000 food safety programs.

Independent third party auditors assess the Food Safety and Quality Management Systems on a regular basis. The feedback received from these audits provides valuable input to our continuous improvement process. Integrated Food Safety Systems give assurance that we are able to provide safe products to our customers and consumers as well as delivering consistently high quality products and services.

The company is FSSC 22000 certified and is a SEDEX member.

Detailed Statement

Quality control is that part of GMP concerned with sampling, specifications, testing and with the organization, documentation and release of procedures. This is to ensure that the necessary and relevant tests per specification are actually carried out and that the final products are not released for use or for sale until their final quality has been approved. The quality control process is primarily confined to laboratory operations, testing and/ or inspecting samples of raw materials, packaging materials, in process materials and finished products. The QC staff also monitor aspects of the environment that have an effect on product quality.

Industria Site – QA Statement

Quality and food safety of product is of foremost importance for Sunspray Food Ingredients. Consequently, Sunspray Food ingredients has implemented a globally recognised quality and food safety management system which is FSSC 22000 certified and a member of SEDEX. Food safety and quality objectives and goals are in place in throughout the company and all employees have a collective responsibility to ensure that these are met.

The quality of product is continually monitored by a fully equipped laboratory with highly qualified and competent staff. The Quality control laboratory is run by a GM QA/QC who is a qualified Food Technologist with a staff complement of 16 who are also qualified. The laboratory runs 24 hours testing for salt content, acidity, pH, moisture, bulk density and colour absorbance. There is a microbiological laboratory which tests for TPC, Coliforms, E.Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Salmonella.

Bronkhorstspruit site – QA Statement

The site is also Halaal certified and certain products have Kosher status. Sunspray Bronkhorstspruit site is also an approved veterinary establishment and is compliant for the export of egg products. The QA department is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the FSSC 22000 quality system including customer complaint handling, document control and providing standard operating procedures for all processes. The Quality Control department verifies quality of purchased raw materials. The on-line QC staff monitors in- process production processes on a 24 hour basis and ensure that all finished products conform to specified requirements.

Regular tests that are carried out include pH, refractive index, salt concentration, absorbance (colour intensity), moisture and bulk density. Microbiological tests carried out on site include Total Plate Count, Coliforms, E.coli, Staph. aureus, Lactobacillus , Enterococci, Moulds and Yeasts as well as Salmonella as required per product specification or customer requirement. The QA and QC departments consist of 10 staff members and the majority are qualified in either Food Technology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry or Chemistry. All the staff has a number of years experience in the Food Industry and are multi-skilled in all the QC disciplines.