The activities of Sunspray Food Ingredients is split into three categories, namely Food Ingredients, Contract Manufacturing and Toll spray drying and blending. By far the largest division is that of Food Ingredients. All Food Ingredients are marketed by a team of marketing executives irrespective of where they are manufactured.

The food ingredients are marketed under the Sunspray brand with the exception of liquid caramels which we market on behalf of DD Williamson who manufacture these products in Swaziland.

The food ingredients product range is extensive and consists of Meat Flavours, Fat Powders, Caramel Powders, Fruit & Vegetable powders, Citrus Oil Concentrates, Milk Blends, Creamers, Cheese Powders, Egg Powders (Whole Egg, Albumen and Yolk powders).

Apart from the main products there are also some interesting miscellaneous products such as Honey Powder, Paprika Powder, Fenugreek Powder, Molasses, Flavour Carrier, Cloud, Vinegar Powder, Soy Sauce Powder and Worcestershire Sauce Powder. All of the above are spray dried and/or blended powder products.

The liquid range of food ingredient products is limited to caramel liquid, egg liquid and honey liquid and consists of the DD Williamson caramel liquids ,frozen or chilled pasteurised whole egg and yolk products and honey liquid.

The food ingredients are marketed primarily to food manufacturers and flavour houses throughout the country. Some catering companies and wholesalers in South Africa purchase a selected range of the products. In addition certain products are exported, primarily into Africa, although there are some customers further afield.

The company also contract spray dries (toll manufactures) numerous ingredients for flavour houses and other ingredient companies. This service is offered outside the food industry as well and products are toll manufactured for two non-food companies. In addition, Sunspray now also carries out toll blending for a few companies.

After divesting itself of a number of consumer products some years back, Sunspray was left with a small range of retail products which are spraydried. In a radical restructuring a few years ago, the company entered into agreements with two companies who now handle all aspects of retail marketing, including warehousing, distribution, sales and merchandising to the retail chains. Monteagle now handles all the Spar House brands and Stafford Bros & Draeger, the Sunspray retail branded products and in both instances Sunspray produces the products on a contract manufacturing basis.

The Sunspray branded products includes Country Pasture Blend, in various pack sizes, and Bravo Gravy Powder.

The last division is that of Contract Manufacturing where we manufacture products for customers on a contract basis (this can include spray-drying, blending and packing). The products manufactured vary from spray dried bulk products to blended retail products. The clients are major food manufacturers including multinationals. Over and above this, there are a number of smaller clients with product and market potential to become significant customers.