Code Product Pack Size
IH0020 Honey 40 25kg
IN100 Molasses 25kg
EA22 Potato Flakes 25kg
10004 Flavour Carrier 25kg
VI05 Vinegar Powder 90 25kg
IM0005 Eggless Glazing Powder 25kg
IM0008 Sunspray Cloud 25kg
FA1000 Coffree 20kg
EA26 Liquid Honey 28kg

Eggless glazing is used for pie and pastry glazing – it does not contain egg and provides the shine and browning effect desired, without the egg allergen.

Coffree is a fully spray dried chicory extract with added coffee flavor. –it is a caffeine free alternate to coffee.

Liquid Honey is from South Africa and is not irradiated. It is used in all types of sauces and marinades.