We produce various Sunspray meat flavours: Nuclin, Meatbase, Meat X, Meaton/Meaton MSG Free, Chickon, and Bravo Gravy Powder.

Each is totally spray-dried and is a homogenous powder in terms of colour and flavour. They are designed to impart flavour to and enhance the flavour of the products in which they are used, whether dry soup powder, gravy powder, soy-based stews or minces, or snacks. They are also used in meat pies, pet foods and processed meats.

Nuclin is rich in protein, but the range is designed as flavours rather than nutrition. It is worth noting that all can be used by vegetarians and have Halaal certifications, and both Meaton and Chickon are free of hydrolysed vegetable protein (HVP).

These meat and chicken flavours do not contain any meat whatsoever and are superb as building blocks for application in soups, sauces and value added meat products.

Code Product Pack Size
IA0162 Nuclin MSG/HVP Free 20kg
IA23 Meatbase 25kg
IA24 Meat X 25kg
IA25 Meat 50 25kg
IA26 Meatin MSG Free 25kg
IA18 Meaton 25kg
IA21 Meaton MSG Free 25kg
IA19 Chickon 25kg
IA16 Bravo Gravy Powder 25kg
IA29 Meat Concentrate 25kg
IA30 Seedex Concentrate 25kg
IA0165 Beef Stock Granules 20kg