Sunspray Food Ingredients has two production facilities . The main and head office site is situated in Industria and the old Ovipro site in Bronkhorstspruit. The core technology of the company is spray drying and this is carried out on both sites.

On the 1,7 hectares of land in Industria, there are five production spray driers as well as a pilot plant spray drier used for R & D trials . In order to accommodate the most recent tower which was installed towards the end of 2008, a large old warehouse was demolished and a new tower building was erected. The tower building was designed to accommodate a sixth tower when required. Linked to the spray driers there are numerous bulk storage tanks used for raw materials such as caramel, glucose and fats, which are received in bulk tankers. All the towers are gas fired and there is a gas fired boiler on site as well, primarily to supply hot water for cleaning purposes.

Apart from the spray driers there are also extensive blending facilities in

Industria. These include two large Nauta mixers, with capacities of between one and two tons each depending on the bulk densities of the products to be blended, two ribbon blenders with capacities of 1 ton and 500kg respectively, and two small Nauta mixers used for blending pre-mixes of small quantities of high value ingredients.

Sunspray also has a varied range of packing equipment which enables the company to provide a comprehensive service for its clients. The packing facilities include a canning line, two form ,fill and seal packing machines, a volumetric sachet packer, a blender and bottle or jar filling line.

There are also two shrink wrap tunnels – one for shrinking sleeves onto bottles or jars and the others for shrink wrapping products onto trays.

In support of the production facilities there is a 24 hour quality control laboratory on site manned by qualified personnel. Quality control encompasses physical assessment of products, chemical analysis, as well as microbiological testing of all products. All the spray driers are run on a continuous operation, i.e. 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year.

The company has a well equipped and well manned workshop which carries a comprehensive range of spares to ensure that plant breakdowns are kept to a minimum.

On the Bronkhorstspruit site, there are two main production spray driers. In addition to this a small spray-drier has been recently commissioned in an isolated area to run products with pungent odours, such as onion and garlic powders. The site was originally designed for egg processing only but now many other products are also spray dried on the towers.

The towers operate under positive pressure so there is no cross contamination from egg products. Two coal fired boilers provide the main energy source for the towers.

For the processing of liquid egg products there are two egg breaking machines and three liquid pasteurisers. There is a blast freezer on site for frozen egg products and a large cold room to ensure the integrity of all the chilled liquid egg products.

As is the case in Industria in support of the production facilities there is a quality control laboratory and a maintenance workshop, both manned by qualified personnel. A recent development was the purchase of a business involved in the manufacture of enzyme modified cheese (EMC) paste. The production facility has been set up in Bronkhorstspruit.