Nutritional Foods (Pty) Ltd was registered in 1944 and a factory was established on a site in Industria, Johannesburg and the first spray drying tower was erected on the site at Industria in the 1950’s.

In the 1960’s, a second spray drying tower was installed to produce instant coffee. The company later expanded its spray drying portfolio and manufactured products such as fruit and vegetable powders. In the 1970’s Nutritional Foods became the first company in South Africa to produce coffee creamers on contract for other companies.

In 1980 Nutritional Foods purchased Clifton Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd., and entered the consumer products market for the first time. The company made a quantum leap in the production and marketing of powdered soft drinks, not only to retail, but also in the institutional catering market. The range of products offered to this market was expanded to include soya-based soups and stews, milk blends, hot chocolate drink powders and desserts.

In 1998 Nutritional Foods purchased Funa Foods, virtually doubling its size in the catering market. As part of the deal the company acquired a modern processing plant in Klerksdorp. Following this acquisition the company consolidated the manufacture of all its catering products in Klerksdorp, while the Industria factory concentrated on contract manufacturing and the production of spray-dried food ingredients and retail products.

In 2004 Nutritional Foods sold off the Clifton range thus reducing its exposure in the retail trade. In 2005 the company purchased Ovipro, an egg processing business in Bronkhorstspruit. The egg products expanded the range of food ingredients while the spray driers at Ovipro gave the company even greater spray-drying capacity.