Fruit Powders

Apple, Apricot ,Orange, Pear, Guava, Strawberry, Banana, Mango, Peach, Lemon Juice 25%

Our fruit powders are fully spray-dried real fruit puree containing 50% fruit solids on a maltodextrin carrier. Our guava, apple, banana, strawberry and orange powders are more than mere flavours and are used where the incorporation of real fruit is beneficial.

They contain no preservatives or colorants and are ideal for use in baby foods and breakfast cereals, desserts, sweets, smoothies and beverage applications as well as in fruit and yoghurt bars.

Code Product Pack Size
ID0025 Apple 50 25kg
ID0001 Orange 50 25kg
ID0006 Lemon Juice 25 25kg
ID0020 Guava 50 25kg
ID0008 Strawberry 50 25kg
ID0007 Banana 50 25kg
ID0022 Mango 50 25kg
ID0026 Pear 50 25kg
ID0029 Peach 50 25kg
ID0030 Apricot 50 25kg

Vegetable Powders

We manufacture three tomato powders under the Sunspray brand name – Tomato Powder Ripe, Tomato Powder Ripe MSG Free, and Tomato Powder Clean label.

All are from tomato puree and maltodextrin and contain 34% tomato solids, and will replace pure tomato solids weight for weight since we enhance the taste with flavourings. Ripe tomato powder is generally used as a base in tomato flavour in snack foods, soups, tomato sauces, and pasta preparations. Butternut powder is used in instant and cook up soups and carrot powder in nutraceutical beverages

Butternut powder and Carrot powder are new additions to the vegetable powder range

Code Product Pack Size
IE01 Tomato Powder Ripe 25kg
IE02 Tomato Powder MSG Free 25kg
IE03 Tomato Powder Clean Label 25kg
IE06 Butternut Powder 25kg
ID0027 Carrot 50 25kg