Our range of fat powders includes eight very cost-effective products, manufactured from fully refined deodorized and non hydrogenated palm oils.

Spry 45 Dairy Free, and Bakefat are used widely in baked goods, Nutrifat and Nufat are used to create a good mouth feel in soups, sauces, nutritional shakes and chocolate drinks. Whipping fat is used mostly in toppings, cream and mousses to provide aeration and stability.

One of three new additions to the fat powder range is a 50% soya fat powder which is widely used in beverage and baking applications where soya allergen is already present and the preferred mouth feel and increased viscosity is required. Coconut fat powder and an 80 % Supreme fat powder are the other two fat powders now readily available.

Code Product Pack Size
IB0062 Nutrifat 25kg
IB0168 Nufat 38 20kg
IB0170 Spry Dairy Free 20kg
IB0065 Bakefat Powder 20kg
IB0066 Beverage Fat Powder 20kg
IB0067 50% Soy Fat Powder 20kg
IB0061 Coconut Fat Powder 25kg
IB0063 80% Supreme Fat Powder 20kg
IB0165 Whipping Fat Powder 20kg