We manufacture a full range of dairy and non-dairy creamers, soya based and non allergenic creamers, for various applications not just limited to the whitening of beverages

The fat % of the creamers ranges from 18% to 80%.

They also have applications in the baking industry, as fillers, thickeners and they add a creamy mouth feel to baked goods. Their application is extensive in soups, gravy mixes, milkshakes, soft serve ice creams and nutritional drinks. These cost effective substitutes for milk powder include the following product range.

Code Product Pack Size
MJ02 Econocreamer 18% 25kg
0503 Non Allergenic Creamer 18% 25kg
MH00 Vending Creamer 24% 25kg
0500 Superior Creamer 30% 25kg
0501 Non Gluten Creamer 30% 25kg
0502 Non Allergenic Creamer 30% 25kg
0504 Soy 30% Creamer 25kg
0505 Non Allergenic Creamer 50% 25kg
MJ14 Sunspray Creamer 40% 25kg
MJ13 Sunspray Creamer 50% 25kg
0550 Ice Creamer 25kg
MJ17 Sunspray Creamer 60% 20kg