In effect, Sunspray Food Ingredients has been the country’s spray-drying innovator for more than fifty years. We are the largest producer of spray-dried food ingredients and provide for all spray-drying needs.

Our commitment to quality, service, expertise and excellence explain why we have such an impressive list of clients. They include DD Williamson and Firmenich, for toll spray-drying and various other multi national and global clients for contract manufacturing and packing.

We also serve the retail sector with our own brands Country Pasture Blend, Bravo Gravy Powder and Housewives Cheese and a number of house-brand products for some of the leading chain stores.

In addition, we offer you a wide range of essential ingredients and technical backup for your needs and applications.



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Sunspray’s vision is to be a world class manufacturer of food ingredients of whom stakeholders can be proud and to be our customers’ supplier of choice.