Our range of Sunspray Cheese Powders includes products, which are used mainly in the manufacture of snacks and savoury biscuits, including extruded snacks, as well as sauces, bakery ingredients, canned foods such as spaghetti bolognaise, and pre-cooked meals.

Each powder introduces a particular cheese flavour to the products in which they are used. Our cheese powders are based on real cheese and enhanced with various flavour ingredients and top notes. Each is completely spray-dried and homogenous in terms of colour and flavour. In addition, they are nutritious and a source of protein.

All cheese powders are concentrated and are based on Cheddar, and Enzyme modified Cheese ie EMC Blue and EMC Cheddar cheese.

Code Product Pack Size
IF1079 MSG Free Cheddar Flavoured 25kg
IF1086 Orange Base 25kg
IF1080 Cheese Base 25kg
IF1093 EMC Blue Cheese 25kg
IF0091 EMC Blue MSG Free 25kg
IF0093 EMC Cheddar Cheese MSG Free 25kg
IF1090 Housewives Cheese 25kg
IF1084 Housewives Cheese HVP Free 25kg
IF1010 Kosher Cheeseless Cheese 25kg
IF1091 MSG Free Savoury Cheese 25kg
IF1095 Parmesan Cheese 25kg
IF1101 Creamy Cheese 25kg
IF1098 Cheese Powder 3900 25kg
IF1094 Snack Cheese 25kg
IF1104 EMC Creamy Blue Cheese 25kg
IF1089 Cheddar Cheese 25kg
IF1107 Cream-Cheese Powder 25kg