The Sunspray range of caramel powders are made from sucrose-based liquid caramel with a maltodextrin carrier. The caramel powders carry a colloidal charge.

The Caramel 48000 is shelf-stable and easy to use, and finds application in dozens of products including beverages, desserts, sauces, noodle seasoning, pet foods, vitamin tablets, cosmetics and very many more. DDW 606 caramel powder finds application in seasonings and biscuit manufacturing.

Caramel colour is the most versatile colour available and is available in both powder and liquid form.

Caramel Powders

Code Product Pack Size
IB0169 Caramel 75 25kg
IC0067 Caramel Powder 48000 20kg
IB0065 DDW Caramel Powder 606 25kg

The Caramel Powders and Liquids have varying colour absorbances for use in virtually every food product consumed including alcoholic beverages, non food items such as animal products, cosmetics, tobacco, and pharmaceutical and household care products.

Sunspray Food Ingredients are the appointed agents and distributors for DDWilliamson Caramels, which are produced in Swaziland and DDW Natural colours which are manufactured in Ireland.
All Caramels are Kosher and Halaal approved.

Liquid Caramels

Code Product Pack Size
340137 DDW300 (19000) 25kg
340570 DDW 300 (19000) 275kg
340572 DDW300 (19000) 1200kg
340138 DDW303 (35000) 25kg
340003 DDW303 (35000) 275kg
340091 DDW303 (35000) 1200kg
340120 DDW252 (48000) 25kg
340017 DDW252 (48000) 250kg
340092 DDW252 (48000) 1200kg

Code Product Pack Size
340131 DDW110 (P1301) 25kg
340012 DDW110 (P1301) 275kg
340132 DDW050 (SD48) 25kg
340015 DDW050 (SD48) 250kg
340090 DDW050 (SD48) 1200kg
340133 DDW136 (WB) 25kg
340016 DDW136 (WB) 275kg
340575 DDW775 (Burnt Sugar) 25kg
340578 DDW 742 (Infant Grade) 25kg